Mission Possible: Homelessness Solvable

Change lives, every single month!

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Change lives, every single month!

Mission Possible is a monthly giving program with 100% of every dollar going directly to shelter, feed, and care for our community's most vulnerable. You're changing the lives of our neighbors, every single month.

Why should you become a Mission Possible supporter?

  • It provides a reliable stream of revenue. Monthly giving helps the Mission avoid peaks and valleys of revenue, ensuring we can spend more time serving those in need in a compassionate, efficient, and cost-effective manner- and less on fundraising.
  • Simply put, it sustains vital services. Mission Possible supports the day-to-day work of the Mission and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to feeding, sheltering and caring for our most vulnerable neighbors.
  • It's easy. You can donate online each month, opt to have your donation processed automatically, or mail your donation to us. We'll send you a tax receipt at the end of each calendar year. And you may cancel your sustaining donation at any time by calling 304-622-2451.

Our agency opened in 1971, in Clarksburg’s Glen Elk neighborhood, at the time a small red-light district with bars and backroom gambling. The shelter started with a few beds, intended for alcoholics and homeless veterans. As the needs in our community became more complex, we developed programs to address the specific challenges facing individuals and families struggling to put food on the table, diaper their newborn, or recover from Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

A neon-blue Jesus saves sign outside of our agency has remained illuminated since we first opened the door in 1971; despite the many and varied challenges facing our community, we wholeheartedly believe that our mission is still possible......Do you?