We need more angels to help us rebuild! image

We need more angels to help us rebuild!

After fire and flood damage, the Clarksburg Mission needs help repairing and renovating part of our building.

$127,272 raised

$50,000 goal

/ 150


On a hot June afternoon, what could have been a disaster interrupted our day. A stray ember and a piece of trash smoldered, grew, and then caught fire. The wooden deck where it started soon went up in flames.

Fortunately, the Clarksburg Fire Department and Clarksburg Police were on the scene in minutes. The fire was quickly extinguished. While the deck was ruined, the building's exterior wall was only scorched. The fire damage was confined to the outside of our building. A heroic officer of the Clarksburg Police Department pointed out that the soot stains on the side of our building formed the image of angel wings. He said, “Surely you were protected there as the fire went no further.”

The disaster was averted, but the restoration began. Insurance is covering some of the damage, but more needs to be done. We need to take steps to prevent another catastrophe, and we need your help. We are undergoing extensive renovations to our building to make sure we are up to code. Our electrical meter was damaged, and those repairs are over $6,000.

An angel protected us, but now we need more earthly angels. Please open your hearts and consider giving in this hour. Our goal is $50,000. This will help us continue to do all the things we can to help those in need. May God bless all of you.